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Shihan Vaviti Vavitis

Australian Branch Chief

Shihan Vaviti Vavitis started Kyokushin Karate at the age of 5.

From a very young age, his love and dedication for Kyokushin Karate was such that he spent much of his youth constantly refining himself, leading by example and inspiring others who followed. Shihan also spent 10 years training as an “Uchi Deshi”(in-house student) with a 9th Dan (degree) master, while also teaching both children and adults.

Because of this, Shihan Vaviti was able to attain his 3rd Dan at a relatively young age with outstanding results.

In 2011 he earned his 4th Dan, and his 5th in 2016.

As an extraordinary full-contact fighter and all-rounder, Shihan Vaviti also actively competed in countless tournaments as well as Kata competitions, often placing in the top three nationally.

He has also demonstrated mastery of Kata and Tameshiwari (breaking) at several exhibitions before a large crowd.

Having founded Extreme Kyokushin Karate (EKK), the Shihan is committed to passing on his vast knowledge to his students, many of whom have become first-class fighters and instructors under his passionate guidance.

Ryuichi Azuma

Head Instructor

Throughout his life Budo and its philosophy has always been a vital part of his Japanese heritage.

Ryuichi Azuma began his martial arts training at the age of 7 in Kendo. He later began training in Aikido and other traditional Japanese arts before coming to Australia to further his education in 1989.

As an open-minded young man, he trained extensively in various martial arts such as Ninjutsu and Wing Chun Kung Fu to further his knowledge of empty-handed combat. All of this led to the eventual discovery of Kyokushin Karate, his true calling in martial arts. Such was the impression that this became a defining moment that opened his eyes to what it really takes to reach greater heights and made him reconsider his aspiration as a martial artist.

He began training in April 1994 and dedicated himself to training, driven by a desire to attain his black belt. While on this path, he also competed in Kata, non-contact and full-contact disciplines on state and national levels, and enjoyed numerous opportunities to train with many great fighters and teachers. Today, Ryuichi dedicates his time to give back to Kyokushin by teaching others while continuously pursuing deeper knowledge and understanding – the only way martial arts can be passed down through the ages from generation to generation without losing its essence. “Since early age, Budo has taught me respect, humility, gratitude, morality and virtue – all of which have together brought happiness and fulfilment, as well as strength in times of hardship. It is often defined broadly as a way of life because the true benefits, if taught and learned properly, extend far beyond the confines of the dojo.”



Kyokushin Karate Azuma Dojo

Brentwood Community Youth Club

649 Ferntree Gully RoadGlen Waverley

VIC 3150

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